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Corporate Integrity On-Line Curriculum

ENS eLearning offers unique consulting and e-learning solutions worldwide. Our curriculum of standard and custom on-line courses addresses:


  1. Use of corporate assets, information and intellectual property.
  2. Effective and Ethical Labour Relations, including Diversity, Human Rights and Health & Safety.
  3. Effective and Ethical Customer and Supplier relations.
  4. Community relations, stakeholder consultations and environmental protection.
  5. Public accountabilities of Corporations, including human rights, social responsibility and good citizenship
These courses reinforce the self-learning experience with visually engaging examples, case studies, and exercises that continuously reinforce the key messages and themes.

Who would benefit?

These courses are designed for all employees of public and private sectors, industry and organizations. Ask for a demo to experience the level of knowledge and understanding your organization will obtain from these on-line courses.

Our Corporate Integrity Curriculum

Blended Solutions

Our instructors are available for in-house classroom-based delivery in support of customized blended solutions.

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