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Designing a Diverse Workplace

This course deals with the preconditions for leadership vision and commitment to implement and the VALUE DIVERSITYTM approach. Additionally, it deals with the need for data collection and analysis in preparation for an effective diversity plan as well as developing, implementing, communicating and monitoring the diversity plan.

Global Objectives

The global objectives of this course are:
  • To introduce all employees, managers and senior officials to the most advanced and innovative approach to diversity in the workplace.
  • To promote buy-in from all parts of the workforce and avoid backlash from misunderstandings about diversity.
  • To promote the enhancement of valuable human resources and increased competitive advantage through the adoption of our innovative approach to diversity.

Target Audience

All employees of public and private sectors, industry and organizations.

Target time

2 hours

Topics Include

  • Leadership Vision and Commitment
  • The Need for Data Collection and Analysis
  • Developing, Communicating and Monitoring a Diversity Plan

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