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Business Skills Finance Privacy Law Instructional Design Corporate Integrity Corporate Sustainability Advanced Technology Content

ENS eLearning offers a suite of over 120 engaging and interactive courses in the areas of Finance, Sales and Customer Service, Corporate Integrity, Privacy Law and Advanced Technology.

ENS eLearning Curriculum

ENS eLearning offers a suite of 40 courses addressing the topics of Canadian Privacy Law, Corporate Integrity, Business Skills and Instructional Design. Our association with world-renowned industry leaders and practitioners allows us to develop comprehensive courses that are both current and relevant.

ENS eLearning Extended Curriculum

In partnership with the following organizations, we expanded our curriculum to include over 80 courses in the areas of Management, Leadership and Finance:


Customization and Integration

Our courses can be tailored to an enterprises' corporate needs, thus considering their particular challenges, experiences and best practices.


To obtain and develop content that addresses your organization's specific requirements is critical to a successful deploy a learning solution, and so is the ability to present the content, such that it addresses the specific needs of the individual. Our content can be made available to your organization through an e-learning Portal customized to your corporate needs, hence supporting, through the implementation of metadata standards, various delivery approaches as well as management tools.

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