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Instructional Design On-Line Curriculum

Instructional design is what transforms information on the Web into a true e-learning experience. Until now, training in instructional design was only available via graduate-level academic courses, or in a limited way through 400-page textbooks.

ENS eLearning, drawing on its experience, now brings you two new courses purpose-built to give you a comprehensive overview of the standard instructional design process, new design strategies for e-learning and practical guidelines for creating effective e-learning.

Who would benefit?

Trainers and HR personnel without formal training in instructional design, who desire a comprehensive overview of the standard instructional design process.

Managers and senior executives will learn how new design strategies for e-learning respond to contemporary business drivers of change. Instructional designers will benefit from these business insights, as well as the many practical guidelines for creating effective e-learning.

Ask for a demo to experience the level of knowledge and understanding your organization will obtain from these on-line courses.

Fundamentals of Instructional Design reviews the three major phases of instructional design. Whether you're designing for instructor-led classroom training, printed materials, or e-learning, you will discover why and how to apply these tried and tested principles. Learn the industry-standard vocabulary of instructional design.

Instructional Design for e-Learning builds on and updates the Fundamentals of Instructional Design course. It begins by highlighting the contemporary business environment, resulting business requirements, and how we can adapt instructional design for the learning organization.

Then we introduce you to key design strategies for e-learning, including: rapid prototyping, learning-centred design, writing for e-learning, instructional visualization, techniques for automated assessment, and how to integrate e-learning into the learning organization.

Blended Solutions

Our instructors are available for in-house classroom-based delivery in support of customized blended solutions.

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