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ENS eLearning On-Line Curriculum
Fundamentals of Instructional Design

This course reviews the three major phases of instructional design. Whether you’re designing for instructor-led classroom training, printed materials, or e-learning, you’ll learn why and how to apply these tried and tested principles of good design. Learn the industry-standard vocabulary of instructional design.

Global Objectives

The global objectives of this course are to review the three phases of instructional design:
  • Analysis - where we answer the question: Who are the learners and what do they need to learn?
  • Design & Development - building on what we've learned in the Analysis phase, we address the question: What instructional strategies will help them to learn? How do you create appropriate assessment?
  • Evaluation - we answer the question: How will we know that the students have learned? And the related question, how well has the instruction performed?

Target Audience

We’ve aimed this course at trainers and HR personnel without formal training in instructional design, who desire a comprehensive overview of the standard instructional design process.

Target time

2 hours

Topics Include

  • Phase 1: Analysis
  • Phase 2: Design and Development
  • Phase 3: Evaluation

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