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ENS eLearning On-Line Curriculum
Instructional Design for E-Learning

This course builds on and updates the Fundamentals of Instructional Design course. It begins by highlighting the contemporary business environment, resulting business requirements, and how we can adapt instructional design for the learning organization. Then we focus on design for e-learning, while acknowledging the changing business environment in which instructional designers work.

Global Objectives

The global objectives of this course are to:
  • enable you to understand how the contemporary business environment is driving change in the learning organization.
  • introduce you to key design strategies for e-learning, including: rapid prototyping, learning-centred design, writing for e-learning, instructional visualization, techniques for automated assessment, and how to integrate e-learning into the learning organization.

Target Audience

We’ve aimed this course at a dual audience. Managers and senior executives will learn the key concepts of instructional design. Trainers, HR personnel, and instructional designers will gain critical insights into contemporary business drivers of change. Building on this shared understanding and vocabulary, both target groups will profit from the design for e-learning course.

Target time

3 hours

Topics Include

  • New Business Realities
  • The Learning Organization
  • Adapting ID to New Business Realities

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