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Finance On-Line Curriculum

ENS eLearning offers a comprehensive suite of courses in Finance. These courses reinforce the self-learning experience with visually engaging examples, case studies, and exercises that continuously reinforce the key messages and themes.

Who would benefit?

These courses are designed for all employees of public and private sectors, industry and organizations. Ask for a demo to experience the level of knowledge and understanding your organization will obtain from these on-line courses.

A comprehensive curriculum of 35 courses

Activity Based Management
Introduction to ABM
Traditional costing and ABM
Moving to ABM

Business Basics
Business Perspectives
Sources of Financial Information
Understanding the Business
Planning for the Future - Budgeting

Financial Fundamentals
Financial Statements
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Costing Decisions

International Currency Manager
International Currency Management
Managing International Currency Risk

Introduction to Budgeting
Context and Purpose of Budgeting
The Budgeting Process
Revenue Budgeting
Capital Budgeting
Master Budgets
Implementing Budgets

Operational Analysis
Introduction to Financial Analysis
Investment Appraisal
Profit Margin
Asset turnover

Strategic Analysis
Return on Equity
Dividends and Growth
Activity Based Costing
Introduction to Shareholder Value

Value Creation
The Value Creation Concept
Driving Value
The Value Model

Working Capital Management
Introduction to Working Capital
Inventory Management
Cash, Receivables and Payables

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