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ENS eLearning On-Line Curriculum
Customer Service: Handling Complaints

This course deals with the importance of knowing how to deal with irate callers and presents the common reasons that customers complain. It focuses on the impact of not dealing with an angry customer appropriately and the importance of taking responsibility for and solving problems to ensure customer retention. Additionally, it describes key strategies to use in solving customers' problems and presents techniques for reducing frustration: both the customer's and your own. These assessment exercises provide you with an opportunity to confirm the information learned in the lessons. Each exercise provides feedback, either at conclusion or throughout the exercise. The exercises are supported by theory and links to additional resources on the Web.


Michelle Savard has a Master's degree in Educational Technology and 10 years experience in Customer Service.

Global Objectives

To provide students with the techniques for handling complaints.

Target Audience

This course is designed for call centre agents.

Target time

3 hours

Topics Include

  • Why Customers Complain
  • Strategies
  • Assumptions - Roadblocks to Solving Problems
  • Developing Problem Solving Skills
  • Techniques to Reduce Everyone's Frustration
  • Evaluation

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