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Content | Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability On-Line Curriculum

Our curriculum of standard and custom on-line courses addresses:
  1. Globalization and Competitiveness
  2. Maximizing the Financial, Social and Environmental Benefits of Greater Sustainability
  3. Leadership, Partnership and Community Relations
  4. Integrated Decision-making
  5. Risk Management
  6. Enhanced Reputation, Employee and Customer Loyalty

    Who would benefit?

    These courses are designed for those in business and government whose responsibility is to incorporate economic, social and environmental best practices into the management of day-to-day operations.
Mary MacDonald has over 15 years of experience working with industry, governments, non-governmental organizations and international agencies including the World Bank and the United Nations in the areas of sustainable development and environmental management. She has been an advisor to the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and led a World Bank project to deliver sustainability training to national governments and business associations on five continents.

Our Corporate Sustainability Curriculum

Blended Solutions

Our instructors are available for in-house classroom-based delivery in support of customized blended solutions.

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