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Front End Analysis

Front End Analysis focuses on finding precise solutions to situations often found within an organization, such as performance, product rollout and people development. This phase of development allows for a full examination of the training options and associated costs and benefits. Implementing a Front End Analysis challenges your initial assumptions pertaining to the current situation and desired solution, thus focusing on:

  • Business Needs
  • Performance Issues
  • Refinement of the Problem
  • Allocation of Time and Effort
Working with your internal and external clients, we proceed step-by-step in helping you to define and achieve your goals. By identifying problem areas as well as opportunities within your organization, we help you to determine the key to successful performance, proposing a solution adapted to your business goals. Through the use of information gathering methods such as focus groups, interviews, surveys, observations, subject matter analysis, and extensive data analysis, we:
  • assess the current and desired situation in terms of the organizational goals.
  • identify and categorize problematic areas.
  • examine the possible causes and constraints.
  • customize a unique training needs assessment plan, listing solutions and recommendations.
Using the results of these exercises, we apply the appropriate learning methodology towards the design and development of the courses.


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