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Competency Based Modeling

Competency models are effective for use in assessment, selection, promotion, training and development. They can be the first step in developing a job profile and in rating an employee's level of competence against a model or profile. Changes in an organization, or a new customer focus are among some of the issues that can change the competency requirements and roles of the people in an organization. A modern competency system incorporates flexibility so that people can adapt quickly and help communicate changing requirements.

ENS eLearning can take this information and develop a learning plan based on these findings and present the findings for your own organizational use. Some of the tools we use for building competency models include:

  • Job-Analysis Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Questionnaires
  • Job Descriptions
Competency-model formats can:
  • identify technical competencies with possible performance behaviors for establishing a level of proficiency for each competency
  • ensure that a specific competency is given a basic definition and behavioral anchors, which describe specific levels of expected performance behavior. Levels become more complex as the behaviors go up the scale.

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