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Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom is a multimedia and real-time collaboration, education, and demonstration tool that combines online and classroom learning. Virtual Classroom is a moderator-led environment capable of engaging hundreds of participants from across the hall or across the world. Virtual Classroom allows moderators and facilitators to:

  • Present and collaboratively develop content in real-time
  • Interact with participants (and allow participants to interact with each other) through direct messaging, interactive whiteboards, and breakout rooms
  • Monitor the activity and engagement levels of participants through sidebar discussions, instant polling, interactive quizzes and tests, and individual question/answer channels for each participant.

Virtual Classroom ensures that all participants remain in sync, regardless of their operating systems, platforms, bandwidths, or connection speeds -- with no lag time or garbled communication. Virtual Classroom also supports crystal-clear IP voice-over, eliminating the need for expensive teleconferencing equipment, record and playback capabilities for participants who may have missed part of the session, and the easy distribution of supporting materials among participants or groups of participants.

Virtual Classroom has been used in a wide variety of educational and collaborative situations, and has met with great success. Virtual Classroom customers have been delighted with the engaging, effective, and affordable benefits that Virtual Classroom provides, such as significantly reduced expenditures in the areas of travel, teleconferencing and telecommunications, and administration.

To experience a Virtual Classroom demo please contact us at info@enselearning.com

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