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Simulation Based Training

Simulation-based Applications Training provides a "risk-free" environment that precisely replicates the interface, menus, tools, processes and procedures of the simulated application. Learners experience the application system and processes through a practical, hands-on, "show, tell, try" approach that simulates the steps to follow, fields to complete, data to supply, and commands to execute in completing a task.

For most organizations, training is a critical business need. The extraordinarily high costs associated with training, however, have inspired organizations to look for successful, innovative, and cost-effective learning solutions. Whereas traditional training approaches were administration-centric, focusing on catalogue creation, user registration, and class scheduling, enterprises have transitioned to learner- and content-centric approaches. The new approaches depend on the creation, storage, reuse, management, and intelligent delivery of content to transform unique business knowledge into practical learning assets that can be delivered to the right person, at the right time, in the most appropriate way.

In our Simulation-based Application Training, learning objects (content) can be configured, used, and re-used to suit the needs of different groups of learners, according to their specific job functions and profiles. ENS eLearning uses a rapid-development methodology of "show-me" movies, interactive try-it simulations, and customized pre- and post-assessments that test the learners' progress. Our Simulation-Based Application Training Solutions, using Macromedia Captivate™ or Outstart Softsim®, can be enhanced through voice-over, "Post-It" notes, and several different delivery options, and are AICC compliant, allowing them to be published to any Learning Management System.

We have provided Simulation-Based Application Training to customers for deployment in a variety of situations. Our customers repeatedly report their satisfaction with the effective and affordable benefits afforded by our training, such as the "build-once, deploy many" scalability, sound instructional design, and significantly accelerated acquisition times for critical skills and expertise.

To experience a Simulation Based Training demo please contact us at info@enselearning.com

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