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Our Process

We implement a multiple iterative pass process in building interactive online content. With each pass, greater functionality is added to the content as it is revised according to client feedback and reviews.

Throughout the life of a project, each group of content is in a different stage of development. This makes the content a living, breathing entity that can always be modified, increased upon or restructured during its development life cycle. All projects are evaluated and the process is adapted to meet the content, timeframe, and other specific requirements associated with each project.

The main tasks associated with our multiple interactive pass process include:

  • Content Analysis and Segmentation
  • Development of an Instructional Plan
  • Design of Graphics and Animations
  • Creation of Course Templates
  • Development of Objectives and Test Questions
  • Input of Content, Interactions and Tests
  • Internal QA and Editing
  • External Review and Commenting
  • Revisions




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