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High Performance Sales Curriculum

Level 2 - Enhanced: Gaining Competitive Advantage
Course CodeCourse TitleDescription
HPS2001Closing the Sale I ~ Objection Resolution Building on some of the skills introduced in Optimizing Communications and Selling Skills, this course focuses specifically on the most common mistakes to avoid by Sales People - not closing the sale. Participants will learn techniques to properly plan for the close, effectively resolve objections, setting up and asking for the close and identifying and acting on buying signs.
HPS2002Territory Management ~ Developing Business Acumen and Industry Knowledge The 4 C's (Company, Competitors, Customer and Consumer) analysis attempts to envision the future environment of the Canadian market over the next 3 to 5 years. The goal of this course and exercise is to identify the major capabilities that Bell must maintain and develop in order to meet and exceed Bell's desired sales objectives and revenue results. As the CEO of their territory, the next step is to take this information and determine the best way to approach and organize time and resources to maximize their business results. Participants will be introduced to the fundamental analysis required to maximize the sales volume of their territory. Development of their own territory plans will be completed and presented.
HPS2003Blueprinting II ~ Solution Selling Fundamentals This course goes deeper into Optime's concept of "blueprinting" and specifically on creating close partnerships with customers by learning how the customer "works"; strategically where the customer is going, what they are working on, their business results, what is keeping them up at night so that we can begin to solve their problems with our offering. The concepts of intelligence gathering and a developing a clear plan are introduced.
HPS2004Coaching II ~ The Essential Skills of Coaching Develop a foundation of the most essential coaching skills to
  • 1) work effectively with direct reports and
  • 2) motivate them to be their best.
Participants will learn how to help their direct reports draw on their own talents. Learn the 12 commandments of coaching, the 4L's of coaching and a process to manage coaching sessions.
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