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High Performance Sales Curriculum

Level 1 - Basic: Building a Sales Foundation
Course CodeCourse TitleDescription
HPS1001Optimizing Communications Effective communication with customers, co-workers, management, and others is a fundamental requirement for Sales people. This course introduces such concepts as "playing catch" with others as part of effective communications; listening, rather than waiting to speak, and creating a keen sense of awareness about communicating to create clarity and efficiencies. Tools are introduced and practiced to create greater communications effectiveness.
HPS1002Listening SkillsThis course moves participants to a state of advanced listening with a paradigm shift in how we react to information that we receive or "listen to". Participants will realize increased awareness and understanding of what limits their ability to listen, communication blocks to look for and specific steps on how to move to active listening.
HPS1003Selling Skills I ~ Corporate Sales ModelEffective Sales People need to be able to develop clear and concise business plans to account for their anticipated actions in the call with and for their customer. This business plan must create an alignment or bridge between the strategies and goals of the customer and Bell. Additionally, it is the fundamental role of a Sales Person to effectively deliver and communicate these plans and opportunities in an organized and persuasive manner that moves the customer to buy. This course will enable people with the framework and skill to effectively organize their thoughts both planning the call and executing the call to a successful outcome.
HPS1004Blueprinting I ~ Relationship BuildingStrong relationships are at the heart of every successful business. This course introduces participants to a relationship building concept called "blueprinting". Participants learn how to take on the responsibility of building effective relationships with customers. Participants will learn the key factors in a relationship approach to building a loyal customer base, one customer at a time.
HPS1005Coaching I ~ Working Effectively with OthersManagers face many challenges related to interaction and communication. Learn the many strategies of problem solving, accurate sending and receiving of information. Add to your skills of relating and communicating through diversity - across gender, ethnicity and abilities.
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