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High Performance Sales Curriculum

Level 3 - Advanced: Achieving Breakthrough with Customer
Course CodeCourse TitleDescription
HPS3001Blueprinting III ~ Advanced Solution Selling and Customer Strategic Management This third course in the series builds on the blueprinting objectives of understanding the customer better than any customer employee does. With this knowledge, techniques are learned to help customers make decision to improve their profitability and your own sales volumes, share and profits.
HPS3002Closing the Sale II ~ Optimizing Negotiations Building on some of the skills introduced in the Optimizing Communications course, participants learn the skills required to arrive at mutually agreeable and beneficial terms in situations where there are initially gaps in expectations between the two parties. These skills are equally useful within Bell and personally.
HPS3003Building Financial Acumen Understanding the most important financial information and how to use it at the customer is the essence of this program. The top 10 things you should know about your customer's financial statements provide the core to financial savvy in the sales arena. This course will enable participants by discussing the correct target audience (CEO, CFO, Financial Analyst), why and how to use the most important elements to influence top management's strategic direction.
HPS3004Selling Skills II ~ High Impact Presentations More than ever before, our ability to lead customers, people, projects, and issues is evaluated on our proficiency at presenting concepts, plans and results. As a result, weak or even average presenters are limited in their ability to positively influence their business and organization. This course will enable people with the framework and skill to become effective at designing and delivering presentations and proposals to positively effect decisions and behavior and truly create IMPACT!
HPS3005Coaching III Put your coaching skills to work in all situations. Integrate the mind-set of continuous coaching into management activities, for individuals and project teams.
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